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President Gary Schneider

Jonah Development is a Cincinnati-based General Contractor committed to "building relationships one project at a time." The highly skilled professional construction teams at Jonah specialize in strip mall restaurants, free-standing fast food, and casual dining. Jonah contractors predominately work in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York State to provide clients with personalized construction services.

Jonah Development was founded by President Gary Schneider who has been an established Senior Project Manager in restaurant construction for more than 29 years. Gary's accomplished career includes the successful completion of more than $193 million dollars of restaurants spanning eight states. He founded Jonah Development in February 2001, fueled with the desire to provide clients with a contractor focused on producing high quality restaurants in a timely manner with a budget that is $25 to $50 thousand dollars less than the competition. Click here for a list of Gary's Experience.

Gary Schneider: Founder and President



  • Low costs and low overhead maintained through working job superintendents and work performed by builders within Jonah Development
  • Average $4.5 million dollars per year in sales
  • Superior quality of work for reasonable cost
  • Project plans posted in a password protected area of the site
  • Personalized services include construction management, supervision, line and grade, and grading work
  • Close client relationships

One of the primary goals at Jonah is to satisfy clients upon project completion. The interaction between contractors and clients is key to successful project completion and 85% of work at Jonah is repeat clientele. Contractors look forward to building strong relationships, and the high percentage of return clients speak to the quality of work delivered at a low price.

"Jonah Development Corp"

"We Build Relationships One Project At A Time"

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