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Jonah Development is a full-service construction company built on and dedicated to six strategic core values or principles. These values move Jonah and all that we do in one driving direction... "Building Relationships One Project At A Time."

The Values that you can depend on are:

1). Integrity - Jonah is committed to honesty and trust. "Integrity is one of several paths - It distinguishes itself from the others because it is the right path, and the only on upon which you will never get lost." M.H. McKee

2). Cost Effective - Jonah is committed to maintaining a lean structure with a focus on efficiency

3). Quality - Jonah values quality in every aspects of all of its projects.

4). Communication - Jonah embraces technology and the importance of maintaining open and transparent communication throughout the project. Communication is based on a dependence on God or "Faith in a Higher Power," "Giving Glory to God" and being "Christ Centered."

5. Service - Jonah focuses producing consistent hard work and productivity, creating self performing work areas, thorough site demolition & evacuation and lower client costs.

6). Community - Jonah makes it a priority to invest in common unity, family unity and giving back. The result is that employees become family doing business together, serving clients and making clients part of the family.


Contractors at Jonah have a broad range of skills and experience. Superior Quality, Low Cost, and Strong Client Relationships are the three main components setting Jonah apart from competition.

Superior Quality

  • Design professionals work with clients

Cost Control

  • Low cost and overhead
  • Contractors monitor and manage overall project costs

Strong Client Relationships

85% return clientele

"Jonah Development Corp"

"We Build Relationships One Project At A Time"

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