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SmileTraingivingback pic01Jonah Development shares with others through philanthropic contributions, which are part of every project. We have collaborated with Smile Train ( ), the world’s leading cleft lip and cleft palate charity. For every contracting job completed at Jonah Development, we donate at least one complete operation to Smile Train. These children will have another chance for a life that allows them the opportunity to interact as healthy, productive members of their communities.

WaterProjectThere are lots of things that are not "right" with our world. Suffering, inequality, poverty, disease... you name it. Each has devastating effects on billions of people's lives. Yet, when you stop and think about it, so many of the difficult issues facing the world's poor can be traced back to the lack of clean water. As a company, Jonah Development also invests in water pump & well projects via The Water Project. And even as an individual, one can partner with The Water Project for as little as $10, providing clean water for 1 person for over 10 years. Just follow the link to find out how easy it is for an individual to make a life changing difference w/ $10.00.

"It’s easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." – Unknown

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"We Build Relationships One Project At A Time"

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